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ALDOC is the new band led by ex-Gráda frontman and Lord of the Rings soloist Alan Doherty. Produced by his long time collaborator Gerry Paul, “From Tallaght to Halle" was recorded between Germany and New Zealand and the music is driven by the Irish flute, yet lifted brilliantly by settings derived from Doherty and Paul's love of urban sounds. The tracks will take listeners through several musical soundscapes, led by charmed melodies on the flute and lit up with jazz-tinged arrangements, heavy grooves, spooky brass solos, tremolo affected electric guitars, lonely banjo lines and dramatic breakdowns. Evocative and exotic vocals – some, in an inspired twist, chant-like – feature on many tracks.

Think Gráda meets Bon Iver, meets Alt-J, meets Fat Freddies Drop - meets a mad flute player from Dublin - and you still aren’t there. Both from the studio and on stage, the band is all about exploring music’s universality. As none of the seven band members share nationality or an identical musical heritage, their combined talents in this barrier-breaking mix is ... well, the listener can decide.

The debut album, From Tallaght to Halle, has been launched in May 2014.

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Mugle - live from Duncairn Arts Centre in Belfast