ID 1


Structures is a short animated film about big issues reflected through very small things. To stay closest to nature, all material is recorded in an analogue Studio. Animation is made by Jasper Kuipers.


Hanfsamen Ernte Machine Projekt. A crowdfundingproject in order to build a machine to harvest the seeds and fibers from hemp plants in a more efficient way.

Man in gang

A short film about a man who goes back into the past of his memories. Animation is made by Jasper Kuipers.

There is Only Light

…and sound.


A storyboard of the life cycle of the Pilobolus, a genus of fungi. This short animation was intended for Micropia, the new area in Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo. Storyboard by Jasper Kuipers.

Berlin Art Film festival

Trailer for the BERLIN ART FILM FESTIVAL. A fine selection of art films that depict Berlin in a different, daring, experimental, unusual and poetic way.