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Always in the search after the connection between movements and sounds. Besides singing, dancing is one of the most profound expression of us human beings. Why do we dance on music? It makes us feel free. For me, it is hard not to move on music. What will happen if we reverse this habit? How could the music ‘listen’ to our dancing? I got intrigued by this questions years ago and my search is going on ever since…

When I perform live on the stage, I turn knobs, sliders and faders to change the sounds and the composition on the fly. But does my audience understand what I am doing? Only certain things can be translated by the audience. I want to make it clear to them what exactly I am doing. For example a violin performance. The movements a violin player is making, correlate with the sounds coming out of that violin. What you see is what you hear. As a Controlerist, we have to search for alternative ways to intuitively control our instrument and make it physically visible to our audience.

I have been working on my gloves since 2007. Two wireless Gloves are filled with bend sensors, gyroscopes, acceleration sensors and magnetometers. They read hand and finger movements and postures in the 3 dimensional space. With dedicated software written in Cycling 74’s Max/MSP, movements and gestures are being recognised and translated to change musical parameters. Via Listener and Composer Objects, algorithms I wrote in Max/MSP, I control parameters like equalisation, delay times, pitch, envelopes etc.

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