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Jozak Sander

Berlin based producer and DJ Jozak Sander comes back from the studio with his new futuristic live project. His sound is an eclectic mix of deep and haunting music, from deep house to techno, taking the audience for an emotional ride from the first notes till the very end of every set.

Deriving from the Netherlands, he moved to Berlin in 2009. Since then he gained growing interest of the local scene by creative DJ sets, stunning live acts and releases for labels such as Elektrotribe and Keller. Jozak Sander made his way from an underground act to a demanded artist, with residency in Sisyphos Berlin, gigs at Tresor, Katerholzig, ://about blank, Sziget Festival (Hungary), Fusion Festival (Germany), Kanegra Beach Festival (Croatia), Distortion (Denmark) and many clubs around Europe and India.

His vision is that a performer should be able to control his 'Instrument' in an intuitive way – with minimised dependence on knobs and faders in order to transcend to true sensual expression.

Forget the mixer, forget the computer, forget the border between audience and the DJ, close your eyes and prepare for something completely new.


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