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Live Act Masters

Live Act Masters is a ten-day improvisation workshop for everybody who can not live without music - Musicians in the classical sense, DJs who are working with the production of new sounds, vocalists who use their voices in an original way. Instrumentalists who are interested in live-electronics, etc. All this in the context of electronic music and improvisation.

The first part of the workshop is being held at the beautiful house Wataszka in Wójtowice (PL). The last days of the workshop will be spend in Wroclaw. Where the artists have the opportunity to show their skills at a final concert. The gained knowledge from the workshop will be presented to a large audience. To experience. To share.

Thanks to financial support from the Goethe Institute in Cracow, the workshop for the participants is free of charge. This includes accommodation, meals and the workshop!

This 10 day workshop will be led by three qualified music instructors. The program includes:
• Practical workshop for instrumentalists (Improvisation)
• Practical workshop for DJs and producers
• Group sessions. Combinations of these two, with an eye on the final concert
• Common nightly jam sessions
• Final concert in different clubs in Wroclaw

Live Act Masters is being held for three times now. The first one was in 2013 and coming back every year. In 2014, we were joined with live visuals and 3d mappers. In 2015, we focussed on vocalists and beatboxing. We where asked to do one in 2016 in Wroclaw and looking forward to it!