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Always in the search after the connection between movements and sounds. Besides singing, dancing is one of the most profound expression! -->

Aldoc on Tour
From the 24th of November until the 6th of December, we will be touring in India with Aldoc! -->


25.09 Das Lokal - Opening (PL)
17.10 Hafen 2 - With Hila Max - Offenbach (D)
21.11 Keller (D)
26.11 Zoe, Mumbai, Maharashtra (IND)
27.11 Goa International Jazz Festival (IND)
28.11 Kolkata International Arts Festival (IND)
29.11 xChange, Chennai, Tamil Nadu (IND)
30.11 Aurodhan, Pondicherry (IND)
4.12 Windmills Craftworks, Bangalore (IND)
5.12 Windmills Craftworks, Bangalore (IND)


My vision is that a performer should be able to control his 'Instrument' in an intuitive way – with minimized dependence on knobs and faders in order to transcend to true sensual expression. I am happy to share my insights with you. more